FEAR = Resistance to Change! (must overcome both, cup cake)


10x Rule (10X your Efforts/Actions/Targets). It’s worth it→Level Up.


! (not) feeling “IT”, code/DO it anyways. Exhaustion/being Poor is a mindset first of all. Release your Emergency Break, grow/expand – create the time.


At Best = Flow = Deep Now = (Action/Awareness) which follows Focus.


Also, Secret Billionaires pay money for:

The brain has two modes of operation:

1) Default mode: Autopilot with limiting beliefs

2) Direct mode: Where you control your thinking

 Must attempt to reset mindset into + Possibilities


To get into the Productive “ZONE” = Appropriate Goal Setting with a TIME FRAME!


So, set specific obtainable Goals and Deal Lines. Go beyond what you know.

Ask “how can I...” questions. List 20 Answers, as part of your Action plans.


Excuses = Someday I’ll island. Break this pattern with the Habit of NOW. Say: I will do it now. Start a Process, make it a routine.  


The “PRO”, goes to work everyday. Wake up early/act [sleep less, do more].


Take ownership of: mistakes/problems/solutions/mission/team/life/self discipline.

Make lists on Sundays, for everyday of the week (break down each  into 10 minute blocks): Say, you have ten things to do for a given day, do the two most productive ones first!


Have more passion than fear! Why you do it? Inspires beliefs/values, gains trust. My Passion is > my fear of ...doing/not doing. Feel the fear and do it anyways!!


Minimize your Regrets (Progress = Happiness).

It’s not the smartest→It’s who takes the most Action = Success! Consistency is key.


Your time is limited, what do I  really want done...this week. We only have so many hours in a life time, so make this moment count for something. Never wait for something make it happen NOW. Stop waiting to feel it, push to do it. Don’t worry about your age.


Leadership: If you are a (5) leader, your business can only be a (4)! Evolve.

Get over your past, pull self up, push forward. You are not who you were a year ago...keep improving.

Push vs. Pull. Push forces self to do something. Pull is being excited to turn a vision into reality “Cannot wait to do task”. Push through with discipline. Force self to do it, until you are pulled to want to.


Remember that a No…=not right now. Move forward and try again later.


Act like a jet plane not a crop duster, when it comes to driven results. Challenge yourself, each moment is important, push though. Fail forward, try again. Get past any obstacles in front of you. Accomplish all that you can, go after as many opportunities as you can. Imagine yourself as your future self, what do you want to see, see it. sudo -i [become another person, someone who is excellent].


Fear is not real, it’s a product of our imagine, its a bad choice. Set a clear vision, step into your dream. Believe there is still time. Don’t be satisfied by what you've done today/yesterday, expand/grow/do/want more.



Do what your called to be. Today is going to be great/put in your all...


Don’t be scared, have the courage to own the moment. Overcome your existing programming. Be willing to go into Action. Their is no ideal situation, just know its worth it to make it happen now.


Its easy to earn a million dollars, its hard to believe it can happen to you.


Its what happens after reading/listening to good advice/motivation...that’s when it counts. Its what happens when no one is watching (that's when it counts). Be more then pumped up for five minutes...create a sharp mindset that is prepared to work. Apply what you learn. Don’t do what an average person does, take more action...especially when tiered/not feeling like it.


You will always be tired if you don’t suck it up now…push even harder. Suffer today for a better tomorrow. So, you don’t suffer hence forth from a bad decision. Have the guts to keep making action. The time to be great is now.



If you don’t sow, you don’t reap. You don’t even have a chance. I must earn time off, go-to sleep once my work is finally done.



Three months from now you will achieve more, now you have to figure out what that is and aim at it. All the results you want is outside of your comfort zone, you must grow to get it. What am I doing currently that is limiting my success? Don’t seek just Success, seek to increase your Value!


Everyone encounters difficulties, take the first step, don’t think about how many steps are left...take another, until done.




Long range goals:

Short range goals:

What do I want to give back?

What do I value?

What bad habits need to be broken?

Replacement good habits to form?


Thinking is more important than what you do, it forms your regular actions/outcomes.


Not-useful/bad → thoughts/thinking patterns:

Replacement → Useful/good → new thoughts/thinking patterns to form:

Attitudes, to develop:

Challenges for myself, to work towards dreams:

Purpose for the week:___________________________________________.

What do I need to work on more: __________________________________.

Where am I, Self Evaluation:______________________________________.

Things that did not work out:

  1. (1) 

  2. (2) 

  3. (3) 

  4. (4) 

Lessons learned:

  1. 1. 

  2. 2. 

  3. 3. 

  4. 4. 

What to try next:

  1. 1) 

  2. 2) 

  3. 3) 

  4. 4) 

  5. 5) 

  6. 6) 

  7. 7) 

Fears to overcome:

  1. A) 

  2. B) 

  3. C) 

Where to put Money or Effort:

  1. I. 

  2. II. 

  3. III. 

  4. IV.